Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's All Good!

Today was a pretty good day. I kept myself very busy by job and school searching. I am currently unemployed and I am in the process of trying to find a job. I am also trying to complete my Bachelor's degree so I talked to an advisor at the University of Phoenix today. Things sound promising on the school front so that is a plus. I just wish I didn't have to pay for it- ha ha!
I took an apple and a south beach bar with me on my outing today which was really helpful. Having healthy snack foods around helps me not to run to the drive through. My husband and I went out to dinner tonight and I was soooo proud of my dinner selection. We went to an italian restaurant that makes awesome homemade pasta but I opted to have a salad. I ordered it with dressing and cheese on the side. I ended up using half of the cheese and 1/4th of the dressing. I did have dessert but hey, I think I did pretty good. I am learning to take this thing one step at a time and love all the support I am getting. TTYL!!!



  1. Way to go on the choice at supper- you're stronger than I am! The smell of pasta would have gotten to me. ;)

    I wish I didn't have to pay for school either! lol

  2. You're doing great Meredith! Pasta is what I order EVERY time we go out.. so I am hopeing to be as strong as you next time we eat out and stick to a salad or something not as bad as pasta lol... good job!